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Motorola MCD 5000 Deskset System with MOTOTRBO

Motorola MCD 5000

Enable Instant Communication When And Where You Need It Most

The MCD 5000 VoIP Deskset System is a powerful and easy-to-deploy VoIP solution which can connect to your new or existing MOTOTRBO™ system. Reach all of your field personnel whether they use MOTOTRBO, ASTRO 25®, or an analog radio system directly from the MCD 5000 Deskset. This can be deployed across standard dispatching environments, back-up sites, alternative locations, special events, and call monitoring centers. Scalable from small operations to complex control centers and geographically dispersed operations. The system is easy-to-use allowing timely and efficient management of your radio dispatch communications. With IP technology, you have the added flexibility to quickly install desksets where you need them using your existing IP network infrastructure. You can quickly expand communication capabilities throughout your organization for increased safety, awareness, and coordination.

The MCD 5000 Deskset System With MOTOTRBO At A Glance

  • Virtual control head providing all functionality offered by Motorola Solutions radios.
  • Flexibility in radio access – ability to select a radio to communicate with rather than being tied to a single radio.
  • Ability to interface with existing deployed radios.
  • System configuration flexibility.
  • Larger display to allow more information to be displayed to deskset user.
  • Use of VoIP technology allowing the ability to reuse existing Customer Ethernet networks.
  • Flexibility to connect one to one hundred desksets to control/access a radio.
  • Anywhere access – security PIN solution to allow employees to switch between desksets, customer sites, and offices.

MCD 5000 Deskset Provides All Functionality Offered By The XPR 5550e

  • Emergency Alarm and Call
  • Channel Steer / Talk Group Select
  • Private, Group and All Call
  • Voice and Emergency Interrupt
  • Talk and Listen
  • PTT Alias ID
  • Scan
  • Keypad Texting

Simple And Flexible
The MCD 5000 VoIP Deskset connects over your IP network to MCD 5000 Radio Gateway Units (RGUs), each of which supports up to four radios from Motorola Solutions. The inherent flexibility of this solution allows you to tailor configurations from a single deskset and a single radio to multiple desksets and multiple radios. Further increasing your capabilities, the MCD 5000 Deskset allows deskset users to dynamically switch between MCD 5000 RGUs, giving you access to additional radios for expanded communications. The MCD 5000 Deskset is ergonomically designed with an intuitive layout. The large and easy to read color LCD screen gives at-a-glance access to critical information including messages, channel status and names, along with emergency and user IDs. Flexible communication options allow the use of the handset, Push-To-Talk (PTT) switch and built-in condenser microphone, or headset, footswitch and desk microphone accessories.

The Increased Functionality Of MOTOTRBO
Combine the cost-effective and adaptable MCD 5000 Deskset System with MOTOTRBO digital two way communications for increased clarity, capacity and efficiency. The MCD 5000 Deskset System supports MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect, MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus Single and Multi-Site, MOTOTRBO Connect Plus and MOTOTRBO Capacity Max systems. The MOTOTRBO digital platform rejects static and noise so communication is clearer over a far wider area than analog. Data applications also run more efficiently, creating an optimal environment for field personnel. The MCD 5000 Deskset System and MOTOTRBO together create an ideal solution for corporate and university campuses, hotel complexes, hospitals, utilities and any remote field office and command centers that need broad, flexible and affordable communications.

Configuration And Reporting Tools
Provide timely support and save travel time when you remotely access your system to configure and troubleshoot the MCD 5000 Deskset and RGU using the MCD 5000 Deskset System Configuration Tool (CT) application. You can also run reports and perform queries for information you need to make real-time decisions. Supervisor reporting tools allow monitoring of each MDC 5000 Deskset System devices (MCD 5000 Deskset/MCD 5000 RGU) to enhance training and operational efficiencies.

Radio Emulation & Control
The MCD 5000 Deskset emulates the buttons and display of the connected MOTOTRBO radio and performs all the functions of the radio control head. There are also soft keys that can be customized to the unique needs of installations and users for quick control of the standard functions of each radio. For increased security, user profiles can establish which radio resources are allowed to be seen and accessed. Radio features capable from the Deskset vary from simple ‘talk and listen’ to Virtual Control Head access to functions of the 2-way radio (PTT IDs, Emergencies, Call Alerts and other advanced signaling for Motorola Solutions radios). An activity log on each MCD 5000 Deskset displays the last operations performed by the user as well as received transmissions.

MOTOTRBO Systems Supported

  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus Single Site
  • Capacity Plus Multi Site
  • Connect Plus
  • Capacity Max

Motorola MCD5000 Features

Designed For The Way You Work
With maximum usability in mind, the MCD 5000 Deskset is ergonomically designed with an intuitive layout and an adjustable viewing angle for both occasional and constant everyday use.

The large and easy-to-read color LCD screen gives at-a-glance access to critical information including messages, channel status and names, along with emergency and user IDs.

You can customize the programmable softkeys to the unique needs of installations and users for quick control of the standard functions of each radio.

Automatic Security Time Lock
Secure your communications in locations that are not staffed continuously, have public access or access sensitive channels.

Increase The Safety Of Your Staff|
Better protect your staff. Because emergencies take many shapes and can happen anytime, anywhere, the MCD 5000 Deskset includes the orange emergency activation button familiar on so many Motorola radios.

Emergency Notifications
The MCD 5000 Deskset allows you to manage inbound field unit emergency activations from many system types, including ASTRO® 25 systems.

MCD 5000 Radio Gateway Unit (RGU)
Connect the MCD 5000 Deskset to radios over your IP network using the MCD 5000 RGU. The MCD 5000 Deskset dynamically switches between MCD 5000 RGUs, giving access to additional radios across the network and expanding communications. Each MCD 5000 RGU can connect up to four radios, and each MCD 5000 Deskset can connect to one channel at a time.

Installation Benefits

  • Easy initial installation using a text file import
  • Quickly change settings directly on the MCD 5000 Deskset
  • Adjustable housing for desktop or wall mount

Motorola MCD5000 Downloads

Motorola MCD 5000 Brochure
Motorola MCD 5000 Spec Sheet

Motorola MCD 5000 MOTOTRBO Solution Brief



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